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Just breathe...

I believe that Eastern medicine is still overlooked a lot these days and that more natural ways of healing will one day come back to all of us. We often get caught up in this quick fix society and forget about our body's own capabilities and compassion. These are truly amazing vessels we reside in. My heart tells me that people need love and to find the root of ailments in order to begin healing. I feel my place in this world is to help people slow down and start to feel what is going on inside. Healing takes time and starts from within. We have to open up and let it all out now and again. Come, lay down, relax, and breathe.

I have been practicing massage therapy and natural healing arts since 1997. Massage for me is an excellent way to restoring balance between the body and mind. I provide a complete massage for relaxation or therapeutic treatments. I have worked with many different types of bodies and have much experience with fibromyalgia, migraines, pregnancy and chronically stressed bodies. This has helped me to build up a wide range of approaches and adaptability. Training from lymphatic drainage to DEEP tissue work, I can use a touch as light as a feather or deeper than you thought you wanted me too. (Seriously I've had huge guys say I can't hurt them ask me to ease up a bit ;) And to those who like it deep, I do not want to hurt you, and deeper does not always mean better. You do not have to feel pain to get a massage, trust me.)

My client's goals are the focus of each session and I try my best to deliver what has been requested. Communication is key to finding out exactly what needs to go on in a session. Always feel free to let me know what changes you may need at any time and never hesitate to ask for a pressure change. It is your session and my job is to make you as comfortable as I can while addressing your body's issues. I am comfortable providing a full body massage or specific area work. You'll never know if we're a match 'til you try me. I invite you to come in and be good to yourself.

Feel free to bring in whatever will make you most comfortable-favorite CD, blanket, pillow, or special oil, lotion, or scent.

Last but not least, I rock the trade circle! Want to barter? We should talk. Maybe we can work something out. If I can help you and you can help me, we will all help each other.

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